S P O R T S T O N E   N E W S

January 31, 2023 – Tuesday Results


(w) Central Davidson 51, Asheboro 37

AHS: Ellen Long scored 12 points, Kimry Comer had 9 points, Sion Murrian scored 7 points.

(m) Asheboro 50, Central Davidson 47

AHS: Hakeeme Butler had 18 points, Jerquarius Stanback scored 13 points, Tanner Marsh had 8 points.

(w) Eastern Randolph 43, SW Randolph 34

ER: Brecken Snotherly had 25 points and 11 rebounds; Kenley Whitaker scored 9 points with 9 rebounds and 5 assists.

SWR: Caressa King scored 11 points, Jordin George had 7 points.

(m) SW Randolph 75, Eastern Randolph 66

SWR: Nathan Ellis scored 21 points, Thomas Leal had 14 points, Sean Adkins scored 12 points, Kearns Trotter had 11 points, Landon Williamson scored 10 points.

ER: DaVonte Brooks scored 20 points, Pierce Leonard had 15 points, Nicah Taylor scored 10 points.

(w) Randleman 56, Uwharrie Charter 33

RHS: Gracyn Hall scored 20 points, Elizabeth York had 10 points, Audra Petty had 8 points.

UCA: Ashara Spruill had 11 points, Lainey Thomas and Savannah Surratt had 6 points each.

(m) Uwharrie Charter 64, Randleman 60

(w) Trinity 42, Providence Grove 38

(m) Trinity 68, Providence Grove 51

THS: Dominic Payne and Dylan Hodges scored 23 points each, Brandon Campbell had 12 points. This was the 650th coaching win for Tim Kelly.

PG: Chase Whitaker scored 14 points, Zane Cheek scored 11 points.


Athletic Director Cody Moran has announced the next head football coach at Providence Grove is David Hayes.

Hayes is a familiar name in the area having played high school sports at Trinity followed by time as an offensive lineman at Guilford College. In recent years he has spent time on the bench at Asheboro (women's basketball 2017-2020) and Thomasville (Track & Field 2020-present) and served as an assistant football coach at both schools.

Coach Hayes has been a member of the Thomasville football coaching staff since 2019 helping lead them to the 3rd round of the playoffs the last two seasons. While at Thomasville Coach Hayes was also the head track coach coaching 5 state champions in track.

Prior to coaching at Thomasville, Coach Hayes coached at Asheboro helping with football and women's basketball. He was named District 8 coach of the year by the North Carolina Basketball Coaches Association.

From 2012-2016 Hayes was at East Gaston High school where he served as offensive coordinator setting numerous offensive records, including most offensive yards in a game with 668, most passing yards in a game at 405 and a team average of 36 ppg.

Coach Hayes is a true leader that brings energy, passion and a unique ability to form relationships with ALL students. We are excited for Coach Hayes and his family to be a part of Patriot Nation!

January 31, 2023 SPECIAL FEATURES

In this week's SPECIAL FEATURE, Dennis Garcia delves in to Cougar basketball with senior Sean Adkins and men's coach Matt Kiser.

January 31, 2023 – Tuesday Schedule


6:00 Central Davidson at Asheboro

6:00 Eastern Randolph at SW Randolph
6:00 Randleman at Uwharrie Charter
6:00 Trinity at Providence Grove


4:30 Trinity at Eastern Alamance Polar Bear Meet

January 30, 2023 – Monday Schedule

No Events Scheduled

January 28, 2023 – Saturday Results


1A #1 Uwharrie Charter def. #16 Pender 66-18

1A #1 Uwharrie Charter def. #8 North East Carolina Prep 49-28

1A #11 Eastern Randolph def. #6 North Moore 52-27

1A #3 Thomasville def. #11 Eastern Randolph 48-33

2A #4 Trinity def. #13 West Wilkes 45-30

2A #12 Lincolnton def. #4 Trinity 43-32

2A #2 R-S Central def. #14 SW Randolph 46-20

3A #8 Ashe County def. #9 Asheboro 36-30



   Mondo Elite Invitational at JDL Fast Track

Iniyah Mitchell (RHS), shot put (w), 3rd.

Jalaya Showers (AHS), 55 meter dash (w), 39th.
Peyton McDevitt (WHS), 300 meter dash (m), 55th.
Kase Wilson (WHS), 300 meter dash (m), 68th.
Wyatt Simpson (WHS), 300 meter dash (m), 75th.

January 27, 2023 – Friday Results


(w) Oak Grove 89, Asheboro 57

AHS: Sion Murrian scored 21 points, Salem Lee scored 14 points, Kimry Comer had 10 points.

(m) Asheboro 81, Oak Grove 63

AHS: Jerquarius Stanback had 22 points, D J Headen scored 14 points, Camden Walker scored 13 points, Tanner Marsh scored 10 points.

(w) Eastern Randolph 71, Wheatmore 44

ER: Brecken Snotherly scored 43 points with 18 rebounds and 7 assists; Kenley Whitaker had 9 points, Logan Beaver scored 8 points with 6 rebounds.

WHS: Kynnedi Routh had 25 points, Bri Hill scored 7 points.

(m) Eastern Randolph 97, Wheatmore 52

ER: Timothy Brower had 21 points, DaVonte Brooks scored 16 points, Connor Carter had 14 points, Nicah Taylor scored 12 points.

WHS: Riley Strickland led with 23 points, Tristan Hammonds and Tyler Kimball scored 9 points each.

(w) Randleman 55, SW Randolph 40

RHS: Elizabeth York scored 18 points, Gracyn Hall scored 16 points, Jordan Booker had 10 points.

SWR: Caressa King had 16 points, Maddie Small scored 11 points. Jordin George had 8 points.

(m) SW Randolph 63, Randleman 54

SWR:Nathan Ellis scored 14 points, Kearns Trotter had 12 points, Marcus Robertson and Sean Adkins scored 11 points each.

RHS: Tyshaun Goldston scored 21 points, Greg Price had 17 points.

(w) Uwharrie Charter 49, Trinity 38

(m) Trinity 64, Uwharrie Charter 55

THS: Dylan Hodges scored 23 points, Dominic Payne had 19 points, Brandon Campbell scored 11 points.


5:00 Asheboro, Wheatmore at Mondo Elite Invitational, Day 1 (JDL Fast Track)

January 27, 2023 SPECIAL FEATURES

Trinity senior Autumn Gentry and coach Mike Sink speak with Dennis Garcia in this week's SPECIAL FEATURE from SportsTone.

January 27, 2023 – Friday Schedule


6:00 Asheboro at Oak Grove

6:00 Eastern Randolph at Wheatmore
6:00 SW Randolph at Randleman
6:00 Uwharrie Charter at Trinity


5:00 Asheboro, Wheatmore at Mondo Elite Invitational, Day 1 (JDL Fast Track)

January 26, 2023 – Thursday Results


Women's Mid-West Regional (at A L Brown)

  Bliss Joyce (THS) went 3-1 and finished in second place.
  Layla Vasquez (THS) went 2-2 and finished in fourth place.
  Heather Vuong, 1-2 (THS)
  Daniela Hernandez, 0-1 (THS)

Women's Mid-East Regional (at Jack Britt)

  Nadia Siler-Headen, 2-2 (UCA)



Piedmont Athletic Conference Championships - RESULTS

January 26, 2023 – DUAL TEAM WRESTLING

Five Randolph County wrestling programs have qualified for the team playoffs which begin Saturday.

Asheboro (3A), Trinity (2A) and Uwharrie Charter (1A) received automatic bids into the playoffs while Southwestern Randolph (2A) and Eastern Randolph (1A) qualified as at-large teams.

The top four seeds in each region will host first and second round matches Saturday with the winner of those sectionals advancing to round 3 next week.

Mid-Piedmont Conference Champion Asheboro is the #9 seed in the 3A West and will match up against #8 Ashe County in the sectional hosted by top seed Fred T Foard High School. Also from the MPC, Montgomery Central is seeded 14th and will face #3 seed West Rowan at West Rowan High School in the first round.

Trinity received an automatic entry as the top-seeded 2A team from the Piedmont Athletic 1A/2A Conference. The #4 seeded Bulldogs will host a sectional Saturday facing #13 West Wilkes in the first round with #5 North Wilkes and #12 Lincolnton also in the bracket.

Southwestern Randolph (the 15th seed) travels to the sectional hosted by #2 Rutherford-Spindale Central.

PAC Champion Uwharrie Charter is the #1 seed in the 1A East region and will host first and second round matches in a sectional which also features #8 North East Carolina Prep, #9 South Davidson and #16 Pender.

Eastern Randolph travels to Thomasville where the #11 Wildcats wil take on the #6 seeded North More Mustangs.


January 25, 2023 – Wednesday Results


(w) Ledford 80, Asheboro 28

(m) Asheboro 66, Ledford 54

AHS: D J Headen scored 20 points, Tanner Marsh had 14 points, Hakeeme Butler scored 11 points.

(w) Eastern Randolph 64, Chatham Central 49

(m) Eastern Randolph 96, Chatham Central 93


   Quad-Match at Wheatmore

Grimsley def. Wheatmore 59-15

Wheatmore def. West Davidson 57-22
Wheatmore def. Randleman 45-34
Grimsley def. Randleman 59-12
Randleman def. West Davidson 42-30


Mid-Piedmont Conference Championships - RESULTS


1- 408 Oak Grove
2- 368 North Davidson
3- 365 Asheboro
4- 284 Ledford
5- 167 Central Davidson
6- 163 Montgomery Central


1- 441 Oak Grove
2- 400 North Davidson
3- 325 Ledford
4- 228 Central Davidson
5- 167 Asheboro
6- 118 Montgomery Central

January 24, 2023 – Tuesday Results


(w) Uwharrie Charter 63, Asheboro 49

AHS: Sion Murrian scored 17 points, Laneane Scherer had 11 points, Salem Lee scored 9 points.

(m) Asheboro 60, Uwharrie Charter 53

AHS: Jerquarius Stanback scored 19 points, Hakeeme Butler scored 13 points, Tanner Marsh had 11 points.

UCA: Ashton Troutman scored 16 points, Walker Walker had 12 points, Ethan Kinney scored 8 points.

(w) Randleman 59, Eastern Randolph 54

RHS: Gracyn Hall had 18 points and 16 rebounds, Audra Petty scored 14 points, Elizabeth York had 13 points and 5 assists, Gracie Beane had 7 points and 9 rebounds.

ER: Brecken Snotherly scored 38 points, Kenly Whitaker had 8 points.

(m) Eastern Randolph 65, Randleman 56

ER: DaVonte Brooks scored 24 points, Nicah Taylor had 9 points, Timothy Brower and Connor Carter scored 8 points each.

RHS: Tyshaun Goldston scored 21 points, Christian Long had 13 points, Greg Price scored 9 points.

(w) Providence Grove 41, SW Randolph 39

PG: Allie Frazier had 18 points including a steal and layup in the closing seconds. Mailey Way scored 9 points.

(m) SW Randolph 63, Providence Grove 58

SWR: Sean Adkins had 18 points, Thomas Leal scored 15 points, Landon Williamson scored 10 points, Marcus Robertson had 7 points.

(w) Trinity 52, Wheatmore 48  (OT)

THS: Autumn Gentry scored 26 points, Kennedy Jackson scored 19 points.

WHS: Bri Hill had 18 points, Kynnedi Routh scored 14 points.

(m) Trinity 66, Wheatmore 37

THS: Dominic Payne led with 32 points, Grayson Earls and Brandon Campbell scored 8 points each.

WHS: Gavin Strickland scored 13 points, Cooper Black and Tristan Hammonds had 9 points each.

January 23, 2023 - Monday Schedule

No Events Scheduled

January 21, 2023 – Saturday Results



Local athletes from Asheboro, Randleman and Trinity participated.

Randleman: Iniyah Mitchell (Sr), shot put (w), 3rd place; Landon McGee (Sr), shot put (m) 29th.

Trinity: Sarabeth Johnson (Jr), high jump (w), 14th; Kensley Fox (So), shot put (w) 15th; Nathan Mathai (So), shot put (m), 19th; Jose Castillo (Sr), 500 meter dash (m), 43rd; Giovanni Jaimes (Fr), 500 meter dash (m), 49th; 300 meter dash (m) 61st.

Asheboro: Ashton Palmieri (Jr), long jump (m), 26th; Valentino Mark (Jr), long jump (m), 31st.

January 20, 2023 – Friday Results


(w) Montgomery Central 62, Asheboro 53

(m) Asheboro 76, Montgomery Central 30

AHS: Darius Headen scored 20 points, Camden Walker had 11 points, Jerquarius Stanback scored 9 points.

(w) Eastern Randolph 61, Eastern Alamance 37

ER: Brecken Snotherly had 28 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists and 9 steals; Kenly Whitaker had 11 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists and 8 steals; Payton Perdue scored 9 points with 7 rebounds; Logan Beaver had 7 points and 13 rebounds.

(m) Eastern Randolph 97, Eastern Alamance 77

(w) Uwharrie Charter 42, Providence Grove 34

(m) Providence Grove 70, Uwharrie Charter 65

PG: Jacob Grantham, Zane Cheek and Chase Whitaker scored 13 points each, Sakai McKoy had 11 points.

UCA: Ashton Troutman scored 31 points, Walker Wilkins had 9 points, Aaron Smith scored 7 points.

(w) Randleman 67, Wheatmore 37


(m) Randleman 65, Wheatmore 46

RHS: Greg Price had 18 points, Tyshaun Goldstone 16 points.

WHS: Tristan Hammonds scored 13 points, Tyler Kimball scored 10 points.

(w) SW Randolph 65, Trinity 42

SWR: Caressa King scored 15 points, Jordin George had 13 points, Maddie Strider had 12 points, Kenzie Martin scored 10 points.

THS: Autumn Gentry scored 19 points, Kennedy Jackson scored 13 points, Kaelyn Whiteheart had 8 points.

(m) SW Randolph 59, Trinity 50

SWR: Thomas Leal scored 16 points, Nathan Ellis scored 14 points, Kearns Trotter scored 12 points, Sean Adkins had 11 points.

THS: Dominic Payne scored 34 points, Dylan Hodges had 10 points.


Asheboro def. Montgomery Central 36-31

From AHS: 4th consecutive MPC Championship for Asheboro wrestling.

AHS winners: Bearik Bigelow (106), Xavier Santos (113), Diego Gutierrez (120), Christian Diaz (160), Michael Brady (182), Eddie Soto (195), Guillermo Santos (285).

Trinity def. Eastern Randolph 60-24

THS winners: Edgar Vasquez Mora (106), Brayden Hall (113), Spencer May (120), Levi Dennis (126), Gavin McCall (132), Baron Justice (138), Zane Schloemer (145), Ethan Scott (170), Lawson Coltrane (182), Gavin Hardister (195), Joey Smith (220).

ER winners: Omarrius Little (152), Bryce Foland (160), Ian Moore (285).


Multi-Team Meet at Randolph/Asheboro YMCA - RESULTS


1- 60 Asheboro
2- 45 Seaforth
3- 26 Wheatmore
4- 22 Randleman
5- 14 Montgomery Central


1- 58 Asheboro
2- 32 Montgomery Central
3- 31 Wheatmore
4- 18 Seaforth
5- 12 Chatham Central
6- 6 Providence Grove
7- 4 Jordan-Matthews

January 19, 2023 – COLLEGE COMMITMENTS

Southwestern Randolph senior Madison Varner has signed her Letter of Intent to continue her academic and softball career at Pfeiffer University. Varner joins SWR senior Ky Perdue in committing to the Falcons.

January 19, 2023 – Thursday Results


   Tri-Match at Providence Grove

Providence Grove def. Lexington 39-36

Providence Grove def. Wheatmore 42-36
Wheatmore def. Lexington 54-24

   Tri-Match at Uwharrie Charter

Uwharrie Charter def. SW Randolph 61-14

Uwharrie Charter def. Chatham Charter 84-0

Uwharrie Charter Academy won the PAC Championship, the Eagles' seventh straight undefeated conference wrestling seasons.

January 18, 2023 – Wednesday Results


(w) Southern Guilford 46, Uwharrie Charter 40

(m) Southern Guilford 73, Uwharrie Charter 35

UCA: Ashton Troutman scored 10 points, Braeden Lamb had 7 points, Alex Mackenzie scored 6 points.

January 18, 2023 SPECIAL FEATURES

More from Dennis Garcia about coach Johnny Thomas and the travels and experiences which have led him to Eastern Randolph High School in this SPECIAL FEATURE from SportsTone.

January 18, 2023 – Wednesday Schedule


6:00 Southern Guilford at Uwharrie Charter

January 17, 2023 – Tuesday Schedule

No Events Scheduled


For the current conference alignment period (Fall 2021-Spring 2025), the division between North Carolina's East Region and West Region has been established in advance for most sports. The exception last year was 1A wrestling.

With fewer 1A schools in the eastern part of the state fielding teams, local 1A teams from the Piedmont Athletic Conference (Eastern Randolph and Uwharrie Charter Academy), along with other 1A teams from the area, were placed in the East Region for the 2022 wrestling playoffs. The same is true for this season with 1A wrestlers from the PAC, Central Carolina Conference and some of the Yadkin Valley 1A teams being seeded in the East Region.

The change this year is that 2A wrestlers from the PAC and some Mid-State 2A Conference teams will be shifted from the Mid-West Region to the Mid-East Region. This will affect Providence Grove, Randleman, Southwestern Randolph, Trinity, Wheatmore, Reidsville, Morehead, McMichael and T W Andrews for both the dual team and individual tournaments.

The Piedmont Athletic Conference will get one automatic berth in the 1A dual team tournament and two automatic qualifiers in the 2A team tournament. The Mid-Piedmont 3A Conference will get two automatic qualifiers in the Mid-West Region.

Host sites for local wrestlers in the individual men's tournament:

1A East Region – Uwharrie Charter Academy

2A Mid-East Region – Bunn High School
3A Mid-West Region – North Davidson High School

Women's wrestling continues to grow in North Carolina and will become a separate sport sanctioned by the NCHSAA during the 2023-24 season. This year's Women's Invitational Tournament will be similar to next year's State Championship Tournament with wrestlers also qualifying through regional tournaments.

For the women's tournament, participating schools will be divided into equal regions by school location (longitude). Here are the regional assignments for any qualifiers from local schools:

1A Mid-East (at Jack Britt, Fayetteville): Uwharrie Charter, Eastern Randolph

2A Mid-East (at Jack Britt, Fayetteville): Providence Grove
2A Mid-West (at A L Brown, Kannapolis): Wheatmore, Trinity, Southwestern Randolph


January 16, 2023 – Monday Results


(w) Forsyth Home Educators 44, Uwharrie Charter 41

UCA: Ashara Spruill had 19 points and 12 rebounds. Savannah Surratt scored 13 points.

(m) Uwharrie Charter 61, Forsyth Home Educators 54

UCA: Ashton Troutman scored 31 points, Alex Mackenzie scored 10 points, Ethan Kinney had 8 points.

January 16, 2023 SPECIAL FEATURES

Dennis Garcia talks with Johnny Thomas head coach of the 15-1 Eastern Randolph men's basketball team in this SPECIAL FEATURE from SportsTone.

January 16, 2023 – Monday Schedule


6:00 Forsyth Home Educators at Uwharrie Charter

January 14, 2023 – Saturday Results


9:00 Providence Grove, Randleman, SW Randolph at Montgomery Central Duals

   Phillip Reed Rumble at Glenn HS

(w) Layla Vaxquez (THS), 1st place (107); Bliss Joyce (THS), 1st place (132); Heather Vuong (THS), 3rd place (100).

(m) Trey Swaney (WHS), 2nd place (132); Dominic Hitteploe (WHS), 2nd place (160); Landon Watkins (WHS), 3rd place (106); Levi Johnson (WHS), 3rd place (126).

   Cougar Classic at Wake Forest HS

Asheboro def. Wake Forest 48-27

Asheboro def. Franklinton 51-30
Green Level def. Asheboro 46-34

   Sarah Wilkes Invitational at Morehead HS

From UCA: Great day of wrestling at the Sarah Wilkes Invitational. UCA took 1st place with 6 champions, 1 second and 1 third place. Lorenzo Alston was voted the Most Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament's lower weights (106-145) with pins over 2 regional qualifiers and one state placer!

January 13, 2023 – Friday Results


(w) North Davidson 64, Asheboro 36

(m) Asheboro 74, North Davidson 37

AHS: Camden Walker scored 20 points, Jerquarius Stanbach had 16 points, Hakeeme Butler scored 12 points.

(w) Eastern Randolph 75, Providence Grove 26

ER: Brecken Snotherly had 39 points and 10 rebounds, Ziera Watson scored 14 points, Kenly Whitaker had 10 points with 7 rebounds and 6 assists, Logan Beaver scored 8 points with 12 rebounds.

(m) Eastern Randolph 93, Providence Grove 60

PG: Chase Whitaker scored 14 points, Jacob Grantham had 13 points.

(w) Randleman 59, Trinity 18

RHS: Elizabeth York scored 17 points, Gracyn Hall had 11 points, Audra Petty scored 9 points.

THS: Autumn Gentry had 8 points, Kaelyn Whiteheart scored 7 points,

(m) Trinity 67, Randleman 55

THS: Dylan Hodges scored 23 points, Dominic Payne scored 17 points, Grayson Earls had 9 points.

RHS: Tyshaun Goldston had 25 points, Greg Price scored 19 points.

(w) Wheatmore 38, Uwharrie Charter 33

WHS: Kynnedi Routh had 12 points, Madeline Mullinax and Rian Perry scored 8 points each.

UCA: Ashara Spruill scored 21 points, Neveah Staples had 6 points.

(m) Uwharrie Charter 58, Wheatmore 48

UCA: Ashton Troutman had 38 points, Aaron Smith scored 6 points.

WHS: Riley Strickland scored 15 points, Luke Beasley had 11 points.


5:00 Uwharrie Charter at Jack Britt Boneyard Bash

January 12, 2023 – Thursday Results


7:00 Providence Grove at Eastern Randolph

Trinity def. Randleman 63-12

THS winners: Edgar Vasquez Mora (106), Brayden Hall (113), Spencer May (120), Levi Dennis (126), Gavin McCall (132), Charles Schaefer (138), Baron Justice (145), Johnny Bryant (160), Lawson Coltrane (170), Gavin Hardister (182), Joey Smith (220), Joseph Trahan (285).

RHS winners: Caden Thorne (152), Braxton Walker (195).

Uwharrie Charter def. Wheatmore 59-21

UCA winners: Jair Ulloa (152), Alec Millikan (170), Grayson Roberts (182), Corbin Grissom (195), Michael Shropshire (285), Brennal Worrell (106), Ethan Hines (113), Christopher White (120), Aldo Hernandez (138), Lorenzo Alston(145).

WHS winners: Dominic Hittepole (160), Randy Spencer (220), Levi Johnson (126), Trey Swaney (132).

January 11, 2023 – Wednesday Results


(w) Williams 65, Providence Grove 54  (OT)

PG: Jada Nixon had 24 points, Allie Frazier scored 14 points.

(m) Williams 67, Providence Grove 63

(w) Randleman 41, Ledford 36

RHS: Gracyn Hall scored 12 points, Elizabeth York and Audra Petty scored 9 points each.

(m) Randleman 70, Ledford 52

RHS: Tyshaun Goldston scored 28 points, Christian Long scored 12 points, Greg Price had 10 points.

(w) SW Randolph 51, East Davidson 33

SWR: Maddie Strider led with 17 points, Jordin George had 15 points, Caressa King scored 10 points.

(m) SW Randolph 62, East Davidson 41

SWR: Sean Adkins had 16 points, Thomas Leal scored 10 points, Nathan Ellis had 8 points.


Asheboro def. Ledford 54-25

AHS winners: Bearik Bigelow, Xavier Santos, Diego Gutierrez, Sammy Salinas, Jaylon Moore, Dylan Diaz, Luke Hughes, Michael Brady, Eddie Soto.


PAC, Asheboro, Jordan-Matthews at Randolph/Asheboro YMCA - RESULTS

January 10, 2023 – Tuesday Results


(w) Asheboro 69, Central Davidson 47

AHS: Sion Murrian led with 24 points, Laneane Scherer scored 9 points, Kimry Comer had 8 points.

(m) Asheboro 74, Central Davidson 63

AHS: Camden Walker scored 22 points, Jerquarius Stanback had 20 points, D J Headen scored 13 points, Hakeeme Butler scored 12 points.

(w) Eastern Randolph 71, Trinity 55

ER: Brecken Snotherly scored 28 points with 12 rebounds, Ziera Watson had 20 points, Kenly Whitaker scored 14 points.

THS: Kennedy Jackson scored 24 points, Autumn Gentry scored 21 points.

(m) Eastern Randolph 95, Trinity 77

ER: Pierce Leonard had 29 points, Nicah Taylor scored 27 points, Davonte Brooks scored 20 points, Timothy Brower had 12 points.

THS: Dominic Payne scored 37 points, Dylan Hodges had 22 points, Brandon Campbell had 8 points, Evan Stepp scored 7 points.

(w) Wheatmore 67, Providence Grove 52

(m) Providence Grove 80, Wheatmore 60

PG: James Ellis scored 13 points, Chase Whitaker had 12 points, Brady Collins had 11 points.

WHS: Tristan Hammonds had 13 points, Parker Kines and Tyler Kimball scored 9 points each.

(w) SW Randolph 47, Uwharrie Charter 45

SWR: Caressa King scored 15 points, Jordin George scored 13 points, Maddie Small and Maddie Strider had 6 points each. The win was head coach Seth Baxter's 100th coaching win with the Cougars.

UCA: Ashara Spruill led with 21 points, Neveah Staples had 10 points, Savannah Surratt scored 9 points.

(m) SW Randolph 57, Uwharrie Charter 56

SWR: Thomas Leal scored 14 points, Sean Adkins scored 13 points including the game-winning layup at the buzzer, Landon Williamson had 10 points, Marcus Robertson scored 9 points.


Eastern Alamance Polar Bear Meet #2 - RESULTS

Trinity junior Sarabeth Johnson qualified for the Indoor Track & Field State Championship meet with her performance today.

January 9, 2023 SPECIAL FEATURES

Basketball has passed the mid-way point of the season and Dennis Garcia has checked in with coach Seth Baxter of Southwestern Randolph women's team for this week's SPECIAL FEATURE from SportsTone.

January 9, 2023 – Monday Results


Asheboro at Ledford


1- 95 Asheboro
2- 65 Ledford


1- 115 Ledford
2- 44 Asheboro


January 7, 2023 – Saturday Results


9:00 Providence Grove, Randleman, Trinity + at Dudley (Invitational)

   COUGAR DUALS at SW Randolph

Charlotte Latin def. Eastern Randolph 48-30

Montgomery Central def. Eastern Randolph 50-25
Eastern Randolph def. NC Leadership Academy 54-22
SW Randolph def. Eastern Randolph 47-24
SW Randolph def. North Stanly 57-18
Charlotte Latin def. SW Randolph 48-22
Montgomery Central def. SW Randolph 51-25
SW Randolph def. NC Leadership Academy 60-24

   PIRATE DUALS at Porter Ridge

Cox Mill def. Wheatmore 50-30

Wheatmore def. Andson 65-6
Metrolina Christian Academy def. Wheatmore 39-36
Wheatmore def. Olympic def. 41-38
Wheatmore def. Providence Day 45-34

   PIN DOWN AUTISM SUPER DUALS at Uwharrie Charter

Uwharrie Charter def. Athens Drive 64-12

Uwharrie Charter def. Cary 62-10
Uwharrie Charter def. Cedar Ridge 64-12
Uwharrie Charter def. East Davidson 75-6
Uwharrie Charter def. Landstown (VA) 56-21
Uwharrie Charter def. Lumberton 54-21
Uwharrie Charter def. North Davidson 63-15
Uwharrie Charter def. Northern Guilford 67-6
Uwharrie Charter def. Southeast Guilford 51-21
Uwharrie Charter def. Swain County 55-18

UCA winning records: Lorenzo Alston 10-0, Jack McArthur 9-0, Aldo Hernandez 9-0, Carson Robinson 9-0, Grayson Roberts 9-0, Corbin Grissom 8-0, Jair Ulloa 7-0, Alec Millikan 3-0, Caleb Saldana 1-0, Brandon Jordan 9-1, Caden Bond 9-1, Brennan Worrell 8-2, Devonte Harrison 7-3, Ethan Hines 7-3, Christopher White 5-4.


Asheboro def. Elkin 63-12

Asheboro def. Patrick County (VA) 42-31
Asheboro def. Ronald Reagan 51-29
Asheboro def. South Stokes 60-16
Asheboro def. Starmount 42-30

From AHS: The wrestling team took 1st at the Rick Williams Duals at South Stokes High School going 5-0.

AHS winning records: Michael Brady 5-0, Xavier Santos 5-0, Bearik Bigelow 5-0, Diego Gutierrez 5-0, Christian Diaz 4-1, Eddie Soto 4-1, Guillermo Santos 4-1, Adam Curry 4-1.



A handful of local athletes from Asheboro, Randleman and Wheatmore participated.

Randleman: Iniyah Mitchell (Sr), shot put (w), 3rd place.

Asheboro: Jalaya Showers (Fr), 55m dash (w), 23rd place; Nicolas Chavez (Sr), 55m hurdles (m), 8th place; Valentino Mark (Jr), triple jump (m), 9th place; Ashton Palmieri (Jr), triple jump (m), 16th place.

Wheatmore: Zach Hazelwood (Jr), 1600m run (m) 33rd place; Peyton McDevitt (Jr) 300m dash (m) 41st place, 500m dash (m) 45th place, 55m dash (m) 57th place.

January 6, 2023 – Friday Results


(w) Oak Grove 74, Asheboro 53

(m) Asheboro 74, Oak Grove 56

AHS: Jerquarius Stanback scored 26 points, Hakeeme Butler had 15 points, Tanner Marsh had 13 points, Elijah Woodle scored 9 points.

(w) Randleman 65, Providence Grove 45

(m) Randleman 49, Providence Grove 43

(w) Wheatmore 52, SW Randolph 43

(m) SW Randolph 69, Wheatmore 61

SWR: Sean Adkins scored 19 points, Nathan Ellis scored 17 points, Marcus Robertson had 12 points, Thomas Leal scored 10 points.

WHS: Tristan Hammonds had 22 points, Riley Strickland scored 17 points.

(w) Eastern Randolph 58, Uwharrie Charter 42

ER: Brecken Snotherly led with 34 points. Ziera Watson, Mackenzie Gee, Logann Beaver and Payton Perdue scored 6 points each.

UCA: Ashara Spruill scored 19 points, Savannah Surratt had 15 points.

(m) Eastern Randolph 96, Uwharrie Charter 51


4:00 'Pin Down Autism' Duals at Uwharrie Charter (Day 1)


PAC, Asheboro, Jordan-Matthews at Randolph/Asheboro YMCA - RESULTS

January 5, 2023 – Thursday Results


SW Randolph def. Wheatmore 46-30

   Tri-Match at Providence Grove

NC Leadership Academy def. Randleman 42-35

Providence Grove def. NC Leadership Academy 65-15
Providence Grove def. Randleman 48-30

PG winners: Ross Allred (2-0), Zach King (2-0), Bryant Harrelson (2-0), Oscar Bautista (2-0), Colton Wood (2-0), Colin DuVall (2-0), Jeremiah Duffy (1-0), Malachi Combo (1-0), Logan Armfield (1-0), Wyatt Trivette (1-1), Mitchell Freeman (1-1), Ian Macey (1-1), Derrick Isley (1-1).

RHS winners: Kolby Garner (2-0), Caden Thorne (2-0), Braxton Walker (2-0), Andrew Leonard (1-0), Jason Tadeo (1-1), Cotrell Davis (1-1), Alex Raymundo (1-1), Joshua Garner (1-1).

Uwharrie Charter 70, Eastern Randolph 9

UCA winners: Brennan Worrell (106), Ethan Hines (113), Jack McArthur (132), Aldo Hernandez (138), Lorenzo Alston (145), Jair Ulloa (152), Carson Robinson (160), Grayson Roberts (170) Corbin Grissom (182), Jaden Maness (195), Caden Bond (220), Devonte Harrison (285).

ER winners: Carter Self (120), Adrian Lopez (126).

January 4, 2023 – Wednesday Results


(w) Eastern Randolph 58, Jordan-Matthews 11

ER: Brecken Snotherly scored 21 points with 7 rebounds, Ziera Watson had 9 points and 5 rebounds, Mackenzie Gee and Kenly Whitaker had 7 points each, Logan Beaver had 6 points and 11 rebounds.

(m) Eastern Randolph 85, Jordan-Matthews 46


Asheboro 60, North Davidson 17

AHS winners: Bearik Bigelow (106), Xavier Santos (113), Diego Gutierrez (120), Marco Benitez (126), Samuel Salinas (132), Adam Curry (138), Jaylon Moore (152), Christian Diaz (160), Dylan Diaz (170), Michael Brady (182), Eddie Soto (220).

January 3, 2023 – Tuesday Results


(w) SW Randolph 59, Eastern Randolph 52

SWR: Jordin George scored 15 points, Kenzie Martin had 12 points, Maddie Strider had 11 points.

ER: Brecken Snotherly led with 32 points, passing the 1000 points mark in her career at Eastern Randolph. Between public school ball at ER and private school ball at Winston-Salem Christian, Brecken has scored 1661 points. Kenly Whitaker added 10 points.

(m) Eastern Randolph 70, SW Randolph at 55

ER: Davonte Brooks scored 29 points, Connor Carter had 9 points, Pierce Leonard scored 8 points.

SWR: Sean Adkins scored 19 points, Landon Williamson scored 11 points.

(w) Trinity 54, Providence Grove 49

(m) Trinity 88, Providence Grove 59

THS: Dominic Payne scored 30 points, Dylan Hodges had 26 points, Brandon Campbell scored 18 points.

(w) Randleman 62, Uwharrie Charter 51

RHS: Gracyn Hall had 16 points and 14 rebounds, Elizabeth York scored 16 points, Gracie Beane had 14 points.

From UCA: The Eagles were led by Savannah Surratt with 18 points, including 5 3-pointers, while Ashara Spruill contributed 17 points.

(m) Randleman 68, Uwharrie Charter 42

RHS: Greg Price had 22 points, Tyshaun Goldston scored 19 points, Christian Long had 12 points.

UCA: Ashton Troutman scored 23 points, J J DeNamur and Walker Wilkins had 6 points each.

(w) Oak Grove 54, Wheatmore 41

(m) Oak Grove 68, Wheatmore 52

WHS: Riley Strickland had 20 points, Gavin Strickland scored 11 points.

January 2, 2023 – ALUMNI HONORS

Diamond McDowell (AHS '21) has been named women's basketball Player of the Week for the week leading up to Christmas. McDowell, a forward at Anderson (SC) University, leads the Trojans in blocks and is second on the team in both points and rebounds per game this season.


January 2, 2023 - Monday Schedule

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January 1, 2023 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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