S P O R T S T O N E   N E W S

January 31, 2020 – Friday Results


(w) Asheboro 48, Southern Guilford 45

(m) Asheboro 78, Southern Guilford 61
AHS: Noah Watkins scored 22 points, Thomas McIntosh scored 19 points, Elias Alston added 14 points.

(w) SW Randolph 62, Williams 54

SWR: Heaven Maness 18 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists, Jordan Claborn 16 points, 7 rebounds and 3 blocks shots, Carley Everhart 11 points and 5 assists, Ashton Maness 9 points and 5 rebounds.

(m) Williams 68, SW Randolph 48

SWR: Parker LaPlant scored 18 points, Ethan Smith scored 12 points, Luke Dalke had 11 points.

(w) TW Andrews 45, Eastern Randolph 24

(m) TW Andrews 50, Eastern Randolph 49

(w) Providence Grove 69, Trinity 54

(m) Trinity 46, Providence Grove 45
THS: Ben Owens scored 17 points, Luke Gentry scored 8 points, Chris Essick scored 7 points.

PG: Jonathon Foust scored 13 points, Michael Fee scored 11 points, Questin Overman scored 10 points.

(w) Randleman 52, Jordan-Matthews 30

RHS: Taylor Gantt had 14 points and 6 assists, Gracyn Hall had 12 points and 7 rebounds, Hannah Hinshaw scored 10 points.

(m) Randleman 53, Jordan-Matthews 48

(w) Uwharrie Charter 49, North Stanly 41

(m) North Stanly 62, Uwharrie Charter 52

(w) Tabernacle  45, Faith Christian 29

(m) Tabernacle 77, Faith Christian 59

(w) Fayetteville Street 41, Rockwell Christian 27

(m) Rockwell Christian 89, Fayetteville Street 39



January 30, 2020 – Thursday Results


(w) Southeast Guilford 84, Wheatmore 32

(m) Wheatmore 71, Southeast Guilford 56
WHS: Zach Berrier had 24 points, Matt Craddock scored 12 points, Jake Tuggle and Austin Biggs scored 11 points each.


TRI-MATCH at Wheatmore

Trinity def. Wheatmore 48-30

Trinity def. Eastern Randolph 60-21
Wheatmore def. Eastern Randolph 76-3

Trinity won the PAC 7 Championship with several wrestlers going 2-0 in the match: KJ Stafford, David Makupson, Alex Minish, Jermell Brockington, Ian Acosta, Sebastian Talent, Ayden Prevatte, Joey Smith.

TRI-MATCH at Randleman

Thomasville def. Randleman 42-27

Thomasville def. TW Andrews 66-6
Randleman vs TW Andrews

TRI-MATCH at Montgomery Central

Asheboro def. Anson 59-18

Asheboro def. Montgomery Central 74-6
Montgomery Central def. Anson 36-21

AHS wrestlers going 2-0 were Diego Gutierrez, Abraham Mora, Yu Chen, Christian Diaz, Cruz Parral, Kyle Hicks, Logan Lambeth, Luke Bunting, Arhman Tyson.

6:00 Jordan-Matthews at Providence Grove

January 29, 2020 – Wednesday Results


(w) Randleman 48, Wheatmore 38

RHS: Gracyn Hall scored 18 points with 11 rebounds, Hannah Hinshaw scored 12 points with 9 rebounds, Elizabeth York scored 11 points.

WHS: Taylor Comer led with 19 points, Ashlyn Linville added 8 points, Kara Comer scored 7 points.

(m) Randleman 65, Wheatmore 41

RHS: Kaleb Mitchell scored 15 points, Dominick Poole scored 13 points, Nahiem Lilly added 9 points.

WHS: Austin Biggs scored 18 points, Zach Berrier had 9 points, Christian Duke scored 7 points.


Southeast Guilford def. SW Randolph 40-27

January 28, 2020 – Tuesday Results


(w) Randleman 65, Providence Grove 49

RHS (7-0, 15-1): Elizabeth York scored 27 points, Gracyn Hall had 16 points and 7 rebounds, Taylor Gantt had 11 points and 4 assists, Hannah Hinshaw added 10 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists.

(m) Randleman 51, Providence Grove 34

RHS (7-0, 14-2): Nate Cassidy scored 13 points, Kaleb Mitchell scored 9 points, Dominick Poole added 8 points.

PG: Jonathon Foust scored 7 points, Dawson Lee and Cam Way added 6 points each.

(w) Wheatmore 46, Trinity 33

(m) Trinity 50, Wheatmore 37
The Bulldogs ended the game on a 30-6 run to give Tim Kelly his 600th career win as a coach.

THS: Ben Owens and Luke Gentry scored 14 points each, Richie Linville had 12 points and 11 rebounds, Chris Essick scored 9 points, Travis Pendry had 1 point and 8 rebounds.

WHS: Matt Craddock scored 11 points, Jake Tuggle and Austin Biggs scored 6 points each.

(w) Asheboro 59, Eastern Guilford 40

AHS: Jamiya Jackson and Diamond McDowell scored 13 points each, Kaelyn Nance and Tanaesha Ellison scored 8 points each.

(m) Eastern Guilford 65, Asheboro 51

(w) SW Randolph 75, Southern Guilford 16

SWR (7-1, 19-1): Ashton Maness had 18 points (on 6 three pointers), Heaven Maness scored 11 points with 6 steals, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, Katie Mull added 10 points, Sarah Crews had 8 points and 8 rebounds, Brooke Springer had 12 rebounds.

(m) SW Randolph 60, Southern Guilford 53

SWR: Ethan Smith had 19 points and 6 rebounds, Luke Dalke scored 11 points with 7 rebounds and 5 assists, Noah White had 7 points, Elijah Reza had 7 points and 7 rebounds, Parker LaPlant had 6 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists.

(w) Eastern Randolph 63, Jordan-Matthews 34

ER: Brecken Snotherly scored 26 points, Amya Brooks scored 13 points, Savannah Beaver added 10 points.

(m) Jordan-Matthews 86, Eastern Randolph 80

(w) Uwharrie Charter 63, South Stanly 31

UCA: Natalie Beeson scored 27 points, Mia Leonard and Ashara Spruill had 9 points each.

(m) South Stanly 51, Uwharrie Charter 48

UCA: Coleton Christian scored 11 points, Dalon Arrington scored 8 points. 

(w) Faith Christian 32, Sheets Memorial 29

(m) Faith Christian 57, Sheets Memorial 46

(w) Community Baptist at Fayetteville Street

(m) Community Baptist at Fayetteville Street

January 28, 2020 – From Asheboro High School

Blake Brewer Named Asheboro High School Head Football Coach

ASHEBORO – Asheboro City Schools is proud to announce Mr. Blake Brewer will be the next head football coach for the Asheboro High School Blue Comets. Brewer is an Asheboro High School alumnus, who has a heart for students and a passion for Blue Comet athletics.

"We had a number of highly-qualified candidates for this position, but we believe Mr. Brewer is the best fit for our program," said Dr. Aaron Woody, Superintendent for Asheboro City Schools. "He has been a long-time assistant coach for Blue Comet football and the head football coach for our junior varsity football team. We are confident in his ability to continue the Asheboro High School tradition of excellence in academics and athletics," he added.

Brewer was born and raised in Asheboro, graduating from Asheboro High School in 2007. After graduating from East Carolina University in 2011, Brewer returned to his hometown to coach and teach at Asheboro High School. He has led the Blue Comet junior varsity football team since 2013. In 2015, the junior varsity football team finished second in their conference with an overall record of 6-3. The team finished first in their conference in 2016 with an overall record of 7-3. And in 2018, the junior varsity took first place in the conference with an overall record of 9-1. In addition to coaching football, he also serves as head coach for track and field and he teaches Physical Education.

"We are so pleased to name Mr. Brewer as our next head football coach," said Dr. Penny Crooks, Principal of Asheboro High School, as she shared the announcement with the Asheboro High School Varsity Football team in a special assembly on Tuesday afternoon. "Mr. Brewer has the spirit for Asheboro High School.  He is committed to helping the student-athletes of our school meet and exceed their potential.  He has proven he is invested in growing our students as athletes and as young men. Mr. Brewer is an inspiration and he is vested in our community. He is a Blue Comet, infused with Blue Comet Pride.  The AHS football program has been blessed with the technical knowledge and expertise of some great coaches.  But, to take it to the next level, our program needs the heart of a Blue Comet. Mr. Brewer is the coach for Asheboro High School."

January 28, 2020 – Tuesday Schedule


6:00 Providence Grove at Randleman

6:00 Wheatmore at Trinity
6:00 Eastern Guilford at Asheboro
6:00 Southern Guilford at SW Randolph
6:00 Jordan-Matthews at Eastern Randolph
6:00 Uwharrie Charter at South Stanly
6:00 Sheets Memorial at Faith Christian
6:30 (m/w) Community Baptist at Fayetteville Street

January 27, 2020 – Monday Results


(w) Asheboro 60, Williams 51

AHS: Diamond McDowell scored 24 points, Tanaesha Ellison scored 12 points, Cayleigh Price added 8 points.

(m) Asheboro 71, Williams 64

AHS: Thomas McIntosh scored 31 points, Noah Watkins scored 18 points.

January 27, 2020 – SPECIAL FEATURES

Wheatmore Swimming has been in the fast lane since the program began. Catch up with the Warriors in this week's SPECIAL FEATURE from SportsTone.

January 27, 2020 – Monday Schedule


6:00 Asheboro at Williams

January 25, 2020 – Saturday Schedule


9:00 SW Randolph at Trinity DUALS


Top local finishers:

2nd place; Cameron Hinson (WHS), 106 pounds
1st place; Robert Russell (RHS), 113 pounds
1st place; Seth Miller (WHS), 120 pounds
4th place; William Flores (RHS), 138 pounds
3rd place; Trevor Goldston (AHS), 145 pounds
4th place; Eduardo Soto-Canas (AHS), 195 pounds

January 24, 2020 – Friday Results


(w) Providence Grove 63, Eastern Randolph 60

(m) Eastern Randolph 83, Providence Grove 60

ER: Landon Collins scored 24 points, Kaeman Marley scored 13 points, Osiris Ross and Cade Snotherly scored 12 points each.

PG: Jonathan Foust scored 15 points, Jadon Griffith scored 10 points, Michael Fee had 8 points.

(w) Randleman 55, Wheatmore 48

RHS: Taylor Gantt had 20 points and 6 assists, Elizabeth York scored 15 points, Gracyn Hall scored 10 points, Emma Marlow had 10 rebounds.

(m) Randleman 69, Wheatmore 53

RHS: Nate Cassidy scored 23 points, Tyler Nahill scored 12 points, Kaleb Mitchell scored 8 points.

WHS: Zach Berrier scored 13 points, Ben Walker scored 11 points, Austin Biggs added 10 points.

(w) Uwharrie Charter 56, North Rowan 50

UCA: Natalie Beeson scored 18 points, Kristen Jensen scored 14 points, Gabi Greene had 13 points, Mia Leonard added 11 points.

(m) North Rowan 69, Uwharrie Charter 44

UCA: Dalon Arrington lead in scoring with 15 points, Ashton Troutman added 13 points. 

(w) Asheboro 46, Southern Alamance 44

AHS: Diamond McDowell scored 16 points, Kesley Nance scored 12 points, Janiya Jackson had 9 points.

(m) Asheboro 80, Southern Alamance 55

AHS: Thomas McIntosh scored 34 points, Noah Watkins had 19 points, Jakiah Spencer added 14 points.

(w) SW Randolph 70, Eastern Guilford 18

SWR: Heaven Maness had 20 points, 6 steals and 4 assists, Jordan Claborn had 15 points and 6 rebounds,
Sarah Crews scored 9 points with 8 rebounds, 6 steals, and 3 blocked shot, Brooke Springer had 13 rebounds.

(m) Eastern Guilford 68, SW Randolph 58

SWR: Ethan Smith had 26 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists, Parker LaPlant had 10 points and 4 assists, Chris Hardin scored 10 points, Elijah Reza had 6 points.

(m) Shining Light Baptist 67, Fayetteville Street 27

(w) Faith Christian 41, Woodland Baptist 29

(m) Woodland Baptist 60, Faith Christian 52


Asheboro def. Williams 73-0

AHS winners were: Xavier Santos, Diego Gutierrez, Abraham Mora, Yu Chen, Christian Diaz, Cruz Parral, Kyle Hicks, Luke Lambeth, Logan Lambeth, Elijah Hildreth, Charles Perry, Luke Bunting, Ethan Stutts, Arhman Tyson.


MPC Meet at Randolph/Asheboro YMCA - INDIVIDUAL RESULTS


1- 307.5 Southeast Guilford
2- 255.0 Asheboro
3- 162.5 Williams
4- 86 Eastern Guilford
5- 80 Southern Alamance


1- 272 Southeast Guilford
2- 219 Asheboro
3- 143 Southern Alamance
4- 105 Eastern Guilford
5- 23 Williams

January 23, 2020 – Thursday Results


(w) Fayetteville Street at Vandalia Christian

(m) Vandalia Christian 86, Fayetteville Street 43


6:00 Providence Grove at Eastern Randolph

TRI-MATCH at Randleman

Wheatmore vs Jordan-Matthews
Wheatmore def. Randleman 60-24
Randleman def. Jordan-Matthews 42-24
RHS: Wrestlers going 2-0 were Robert Russell, Luis Garcia, John Gilmartin, Will Flores.

Trinity def. TW Andrews 81-0

THS (21-2) winners: Gavin McCall, KJ Stafford, Kyle Albertson, David Makupson, Seth Britton, Keaton Phillips, Alex Minish, Ian Acosta, Jermell Brockington, Johnny Bryant, Sebastian Talent, Ayden Prevatte, Joey Smith, Solomon Badgett.


PAC 7 Championship Meet at Randolph/Asheboro YMCA

The Wheatmore High School Men's & Women's Swim Teams won the 2020 PAC-7 Conference Championship. This makes the 10th consecutive year as conference champions for the swim program.

Female Conference Swimmer of the year is Kyndall Fritz

Male Conference Swimmer of the year is Evan Tucker

Female Conference Swimmer of PAC-7 Meet (MVP) Katie Fritz

Male Conference Swimmer of PAC-7 Meet (MVP) Spencer Hall

Conference Men's Coach of the year is Coach B. Thalasinos 

January 22, 2020 – Wednesday Results


(w) Randleman 55, Montgomery Central 22

RHS: Gracyn Hall had 20 points and 8 rebounds, Taylor Gantt had 13 points and 5 assists, Elizabeth York scored 9 points.

(m) Randleman 58, Montgomery Central 57  (OT)


TRI-MATCH at Asheboro

Asheboro def. SW Randolph 72-3
Asheboro def. Panther Creek 83-0
AHS: Wrestlers going 2-0 were Diego Gutierrez, Abraham Mora, Yu Chen , Christain Diaz, Cruz Parral, Kyle Hicks, Luke Lambeth, Logan Lambeth, Elijah Hildreth, Luke Bunting, Ethan Stutts, Drew Bullins.

Uwharrie Charter def. South Stanly 53-20

January 21, 2020 – Tuesday Results


(w) Asheboro 52, Southern Guilford 21

(m) Asheboro 77, Southern Guilford 48
AHS: Thomas McIntosh led with 22 points, Noah Watkins scored 13 points, Alex Pulido scored 12 points, Jakiah Spencer added 11 points.

(w) SW Randolph 71, Williams 41

SWR: Sarah Crews had 16 points, 9 rebounds and 5 steals, Ashton Maness scored 14 points with 4 three-pointers, Heaven Maness scored 14 points with 8 steals, 6 assists and 5 rebounds, Alexis Maness had 10 points and 9 rebounds.

(m) SW Randolph 53, Williams 50

SWR: Luke Dalke scored 18 points, Ethan Smith scored 17 points, Parker LaPlant had 9 points.

(w) Providence Grove 61, Jordan-Matthews 39

(m) Jordan-Matthews 72, Providence Grove 62

(w) TW Andrews 49, Wheatmore 39

(m) TW Andrews 72, Wheatmore 66
WHS: Zach Berrier scored 24 points, Austin Biggs had 13 points, Jake Tuggle added 11 points, Matt Craddock had 10 points.

(w) Eastern Randolph 65, Trinity 19

ER: Amya Brooks scored 19 points, Brecken Snotherly scored 18 points.

THS: Autumn Gentry scored 11 points, Graci Gibbs added 6 points.

(m) Eastern Randolph 54, Trinity 51

(w) Albemarle 48, Uwharrie Charter 46

UCA: Bre Brooks scored 12 points, Kristen Jensen had 9 points, Mia Leonard scored 8 points.

(m) Uwharrie Charter 78, Albemarle 56

UCA: Ashton Troutman had a career high 27 points, Zane Caudle scored 12 points.

(w) Faith Christian at Hilltop Christian

(m) Hilltop Christian  70, Faith Christian 65

January 21, 2020 – SPECIAL FEATURES

Dennis Garcia checks in with two Randolph County coaches and their coaching milestones in this week's SPECIAL FEATURE from SportsTone.

January 21, 2020 – Tuesday Schedule


6:00 Southern Guilford at Asheboro

6:00 Williams at SW Randolph
6:00 Providence Grove at Jordan-Matthews
6:00 TW Andrews at Wheatmore
6:00 Trinity at Eastern Randolph
6:00 Uwharrie Charter at Albemarle
6:00 Fayetteville Street at Vandalia Christian
6:00 Faith Christian at Hilltop Christian (Fuquay-Varina)

January 20, 2020 – Monday Results


(w) Southern Alamance 55, Eastern Randolph 54

(m) Eastern Randolph 84, Southern Alamance 77

January 18, 2020 – Saturday Results



Providence Grove def. Bishop McGuinness 60-12
Cox Mill def. Providence Grove 54-18
East Mecklenburg def. Providence Grove 62-10
Lexington def. Providence Grove 42-42 (tie breaker)
Thomasville def. Providence Grove 48-22
Asheboro def. Lexington 76-6
Asheboro def. South Rowan 60-18
Asheboro def. Thomasville 77-6
Asheboro def. Cox Mill 74-3
Asheboro def. East Mecklenburg 48-22 (Championship Match)
AHS: Individual winners going 5 - 0 were Yu Chen, Logan Lambeth, Luke Bunting, Drew Mullins.

Asheboro Wrestling will be hosting a TRI-MATCH Wednesday night at 6 pm with Southwestern Randolph and Panther Creek. This will also be senior night.


Trinity def. North Lincoln 60-24
Trinity def. South Point 43-33


SW Randolph def. Eastern Alamance 46-27
SW Randolph def. Southern Alamance 67-12
SW Randolph def. Bartlett Yancey 68-12
SW Randolph def. Graham 84-0
SW Randolph def. Cummings 60-21 (Championship Match)

January 17, 2020 – Friday Results


(w) Randleman 59, Eastern Randolph 38

RHS: Gracyn Hall had 20 points and 11 rebounds, Elizabeth York had 13 points and 7 assists, Hannah Hinshaw had 14 points and 8 rebounds, Taylor Gantt scored 9 points with 4 assists.
ER: Dori Luther scored 10 points, Brecken Snotherly had 9 points, Amya Brooks scored 6 points.

(m) Randleman 79, Eastern Randolph 59

RHS: Nate Cassidy scored 18 points, Kaleb Mitchell scored 15 points, Dominick Poole scored 10 points.

ER: Cade Snotherly scored 17 points, Delonte Glover had 10 points, Brody Gardner scored 9 points.

(w) SW Randolph 57, Southern Alamance 31

SWR: Sarah Crews scored 15 points with 6 rebounds and 3 steals, Jordan Claborn had 10 points and 6 rebounds, Ashton Maness had 9 points and 7 rebounds, Alexis Manes scored 9 points, Heaven Maness scored 8 points with 6 assists, 6 rebounds and 4 steals.

(m) SW Randolph 72, Southern Alamance 62

SWR: Ethan Smith had 27 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists, Luke Dalke had 14 points and 4 rebounds, Parker LaPlant scored 12 points with 3 assists, Elijah Reza had 9 points and 4 rebounds.

(w) Southeast Guilford 85, Asheboro 43

(m) Asheboro 65, Southeast Guilford 48
AHS: Thomas McIntosh scored 24 points, Avery Jones scored 14 points, Noah Watkins scored 9 points.

(w) Wheatmore 45, Jordan-Matthews 42 (OT)

(m) Wheatmore 77, Jordan-Matthews 57
WHS: Matt Craddock had 24 points, Jake Tuggle had 13 points, Austin Biggs had 10 points.

(w) TW Andrews 67, Trinity 32

(m) Trinity 71, TW Andrews 51
THS: Ben Owens scored 22 points, Luke Gentry scored 21 points, Chris Essick had 14 points and 10 rebounds.

(w) Vandalia Christian 44, Faith Christian 38

(m) Faith Christian 65, Vandalia Christian 52

(w) Matthews Christian at Fayetteville Street

(m) Matthews Christian 46, Fayetteville Street 45


Montgomery Central TRI-MATCH

Montgomery Central def. Randleman 60-12
Mt Pleasant def. Randleman 66-17

Chapel Hill QUAD MATCH

Uwharrie Charter def. Carrboro 72-12
Uwharrie Charter def. Chapel Hill 32-29

6:30 Wheatmore at Northwest Guilford

January 16, 2020 – No events scheduled

January 15, 2020 – Wednesday Schedule


Chatham Charter at Uwharrie Charter - CANCELLED

January 14, 2020 – Tuesday Results


(w) Uwharrie Charter 62, South Davidson 43

UCA: Natalie Beeson scored 19 points, Mia Leonard scored 9 points.

(m) Uwharrie Charter 84, South Davidson 46

UCA: Jordan Harrison scored 14 points, Cam Fordham scored 13 points.

(w) Fayetteville Street at Cornerstone Academy

(m) Cornerstone Academy  61, Fayetteville Street 53

(w) Gospel Light 54, Faith Christian 24

(m) Gospel Light 51, Faith Christian 37

January 13, 2020 – SPECIAL FEATURES

Asheboro High School wrestling has accumulated 31 wins so far this season. Dennis Garcia gets head coach Wes Berrier's view of the 2019-20 Blue Comets in this week's SPECIAL FEATURE from SportsTone.

January 13, 2020 – No events scheduled

January 11, 2020 – Saturday Results



Asheboro goes 4-0 to win Cougar Duals. Going undefeated for the Blue Comets: Diego Gutierrez, Abe Mora, Yu Chen, Christian Diaz, Cruz Parral, Kyle Hicks, Logan Lambeth, Luke Bunting (3-0), Charles Perry (1-0), Ethan Stutts, Drew Bullins .

Asheboro def. Page 66-12

Asheboro def. Providence Grove 60-19
Asheboro def. South Davidson 78-6
Asheboro def. SW Randolph 84-0 (Championship Match)
Providence Grove def. Page 48-30
South Davidson def. Providence Grove 63-18
SW Randolph def. Providence Grove 63-16
SW Randolph def. Page 60-21
SW Randolph def. South Davidson 54-30


Randleman def. Union Academy 42-36

Thomasville def. Randleman 48-24
Richmond Senior def. Randleman 45-30
Glenn def. Randleman 75-0
Albemarle def. Randleman 36-30


Carrboro def. Eastern Randolph 48-30

Eastern Randolph def. Chatham Central 36-24


Trinity wrestlers who placed:

Aaron Ortega-Perez, 4th, 120 pounds
Alex Minish, 4th, 138 pounds

PIN DOWN AUTISM DUALS at Uwharrie Charter

UCA finished in 2nd place with a 9-1 record for the weekend. Jerry Jimenez from UCA was voted the Most Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament.

Uwharrie Charter def. Bradford Prep 1-0

Uwharrie Charter def. East Davidson 66-18
Uwharrie Charter def. Eastern Guilford 60-16
Uwharrie Charter def. North Davidson 48-16
Uwharrie Charter def. North Stanly 79-0
Uwharrie Charter def. Oak Grove 69-11
Uwharrie Charter def. Southern Guilford 64-18
Uwharrie Charter def. Swaim County 41-34
Uwharrie Charter def. South Stanly 54-19
Northern Guilford def. Uwharrie Charter 51-24 (Championship Match)


Wheatmore def. Davie County 40-36

Southeast Guilford def. Wheatmore 59-12

January 10, 2020 – Friday Results


(w) Asheboro 59, SW Randolph 53

AHS: Tanaesha Ellison and Diamond McDowell scored 23 points each.

SWR: Jordan Claborn scored 14 points, Sarah Crews and Ashton Maness added 11 points each.

(m) SW Randolph 47, Asheboro 32

SWR: Parker LaPlant scored 11 points, Chris Hardin scored 10 points, Ethan Smith and Elijah Reza added 8 points each.

AHS: Thomas McIntosh scored 16 points, Noah Watkins scored 9 points.

(w) Randleman 55, Trinity 25

RHS: Elizabeth York scored 21 points, Gracyn Hall had 11 points, Veronica Marlow scored 6 points.

(m) Randleman 48, Trinity 30

RHS: Kaleb Mitchell scored 14 points, Nate Cassidy and Dominick Poole scored 13 points each.

THS: Ben Owens scored 14 points, Richie Linville scored 10 points.

(w) Eastern Randolph 55, Wheatmore 42

ER: Amya Brooks scored 24 points, Savannah Beaver scored 14 points, Brooklyn Rush added 7 points.

WHS: Taylor Comer scored 16 points, Ashlyn Linville scored 12 points, Kara Comer and Kylie Biggs scored 6 points each.

(m) Wheatmore 79, Eastern Randolph 59

WHS: Jake Tuggle scored 27 points, Matt Craddock had 19 points, Austin Biggs added 7 points.

ER: Carter Moore had 13 points, Landon Collins scored 11 points, Donovan Lara and Landon Loflin scored 10 points each.

(w) Grey Stone 64, Uwharrie Charter 41

UCA: Natalie Beeson scored 18 points, Bre Brooks had 8 points.

(m) Uwharrie Charter 84, Grey Stone 44

UCA: Dalon Arrington and Ashton Troutman scored 14 points each, Dylan Wheatley added 12 points. 

(m) Cramerton 62, Faith Christian 49

(w) Southview at Fayetteville Street

(m) Southview at Fayetteville Street


4:00 PIN DOWN AUTISM DUALS at Uwharrie Charter

5:00 Trinity in BONEYARD BASH at Jack Britt

January 9, 2020 – Thursday Results


(w) SW Randolph 74, Providence Grove 31

SWR: Ashton Maness led with 15 points, Jordan Claborn and Heaven Maness scored 13 points each, Alexis Maness scored 11 points.

PG: Maddie King led with 12 points.

(m) SW Randolph 64, Providence Grove 56

SWR: Ethan Smith scored 20 points, Luke Dalke scored 17 points, Parker LaPlant had 13 points, Chris Hardin scored 8 points.


Trinity def. Jordan-Matthews 78-6

THS (17-1) winners: Chris Grubb, KJ Stafford, Aaron Ortega-Perez, David Makupson, Seth Britton, Colby Peel, Jermell Brockington, Ian Acosta, Tristan Brewer, Sebastion Talent, Ayden Prevatte, Soloman Badgett.

TRI-MEET at Wheatmore

Wheatmore def. Providence Grove 63-18

Wheatmore def. TW Andrews 72-12

Randleman def. Eastern Randolph 36-30

January 9, 2020 – SPECIAL FEATURES

The resignation of Randleman football coach Shane Handy caught a lot of people by surprise. Dennis Garcia explores the topic in a SPECIAL FEATURE extra from SportsTone.

January 9, 2020 – Thursday Schedule


6:00 Providence Grove at SW Randolph


5:30 Trinity at Jordan-Matthews

6:00 Providence Grove, TW Andrews at Wheatmore
7:00 Eastern Randolph at Randleman

January 8, 2020 – Wednesday Results


(m) Ledford 63, Randleman 60


Asheboro def. Southern Guilford 57-23

AHS individual winners were: Diego Gutierrez, Abraham Mora, Christian Diaz, Cruz Parral, Kyle Hicks, Lindey Otero, Logan Lambeth, Elijah Hildreth, Luke Bunting, Drew Bullins.

SW Randolph def. Williams 64-12

Uwharrie Charter def. Chatham Central 78-6

UCA winners: Jacob Newton, Austin Kennedy, Byan Lackey, Holden Simmons, Jerry Jimenez, Doug Bowles, Cameron Clark, Jaime Bernal, Aiden Carter, Sergio Saldana, Jaden Marion, Heaven Fitch, Gage Beal.


6:30 Eastern Guilford at Asheboro (Randolph/Asheboro YMCA)

January 7, 2020 – Tuesday Results


(w) Wheatmore 60, Providence Grove 53

(m) Wheatmore 85, Providence Grove 71

WHS: Jake Tuggle scored 26 points, Zach Berrier had 21 points, Austin Biggs scored 19 points, Ben Walker scored 10 points.

PG: Jonathan Foust scored 22 points, Questin Overman scored 19 points, Mason Collins scored 13 points, Michael Fee had 10 points.

(w) SW Randolph 71, Eastern Randolph 49

SWR: Heaven Maness had 22 points, 5 rebounds and 5 steals, Ashton Maness scored 19 points, Alexis Maness had 11 points and 7 rebounds.

ER: Brecken Snotherly scored 17 points, Savannah Beaver had 14 points, Courtnee Carter added 7 points.

(m) SW Randolph 52, Eastern Randolph 48

SWR: Parker LaPlant scored 16 points, Luke Dalke scored 12 points, Ethan Smith scored 10 points.

ER: Osiris Ross scored 14 points, Landon Collins scored 11 points.

(w) Randleman 45, TW Andrews 43

RHS: Elizabeth York led with 14 points, Taylor Gantt scored 12 points, Gracyn Hall had 9 points, Hannah Hinshaw scored 8 points.

(m) Randleman 48, TW Andrews 45

RHS: Nate Cassidy led with 19 points, Nate Green had 14 points, Dominick Poole scored 10 points.

(w) Trinity at Jordan-Matthews

(m) Trinity 43, Jordan-Matthews 41

THS: Ben Owens scored15 points, Luke Gentry added 13 points.

(w) Uwharrie Charter 44, Chatham Central 36

UCA: Natalie Beeson had 17 points, Gabi Greene scored 16 points.

(m) Chatham Central 64, Uwharrie Charter 46

UCA: Garrett McCollum led with 12 points.

(m) Faith Christian 92, Liberty 86


6:00 PAC 7 Meet + Asheboro at Randolph/Asheboro YMCA

January 7, 2020 – HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL

Shane Handy has taken the head football coaching position at Clayton High School in eastern North Carolina. Handy has guided the Randleman Tigers for the last 12 seasons with the program accumulating 95 wins over that period and four conference titles – including each of the last three seasons.

READ MORE about the change from

January 7, 2020 – Tuesday Schedule UPDATED


6:00 Wheatmore at Providence Grove

6:00 SW Randolph at Eastern Randolph
6:00 Randleman at TW Andrews
6:00 Trinity at Jordan-Matthews
6:00 Chatham Central at Uwharrie Charter
6:30 (m) Faith Christian at Liberty (Durham) (4:00 msb/jvb/vb)
6:00 Asheboro at Williams - POSTPONED (MON, 1/27)


6:00 PAC 7 Meet + Asheboro at Randolph/Asheboro YMCA


Heaven Fitch of Uwharrie Charter Academy made history last Thursday (January 2) when she broke Brenoah Neal's NCHSAA record for career wins by a female wrestler. Bre had 111 career wins and Heaven needed two wins to surpass her. Heaven pinned both of her opponents on Thursday in the first period to reach 112 wins for her career.

Heaven is a junior at UCA and made North Carolina history last year by becoming the first girl to place in the boy's division of the NCHSAA state tournament.

January 7, 2020 – Tuesday Schedule


6:00 Wheatmore at Providence Grove

6:00 SW Randolph at Eastern Randolph
6:00 Asheboro at Williams
6:00 Randleman at TW Andrews
6:00 Trinity at Jordan-Matthews
6:00 Chatham Central at Uwharrie Charter
6:30 (m) Faith Christian at Liberty (Durham) (4:00 msb/jvb/vb)


6:00 PAC 7 Meet + Asheboro at Randolph/Asheboro YMCA

January 6, 2020 – SPECIAL FEATURES

The Randleman men's basketball team is off to an 8-1 start this season and the Tigers are the topic of this week's SPECIAL FEATURE from SportsTone.

January 6, 2020 – No events scheduled.

January 4, 2020 – Saturday Results


(w) Asheboro 64, Eastern Randolph 49

AHS: Diamond McDowell led with 27 points, Tanaesha Ellison scored 23 points.
ER: Brecken Snotherly scored 19 points, Amiya Brooks and Savannah Beaver had 8 points each.

(m) Eastern Randolph 59, Asheboro 57

ER: Cade Snotherly scored 16 points, Osiris Ross had 11 points, Landon Collins had 9 points.
AHS: Noah Watkins had 14 points, Avery Jones had 13 points.


9:00 Wheatmore in GENE BOWLES DUALS at North Forsyth
9:00 Randleman, E Randolph in JAGUAR DUALS at Athens Drive
9:00 Trinity in BULL PIN DUALS at South Stanly
9:00 Uwharrie Charter in HIBBARD INVITATIONAL at Eastern Guilford


AHS Wrestling won the Rick Williams Duels at South Stokes:

Asheboro def. Elkin 75-6
Asheboro def. South Iredell 72-12
Asheboro def. South Stokes 57-18
Asheboro def. Reagan 70-10
Asheboro def. Surry Central 45-35 (Championship Match)
Individual winners going 5-0: Yu Chen, Cruz Parral, Logan Lambeth, Ethan Stutts.

January 3, 2020 – Friday Results


(w) Asheboro 70, Union Pines 61

AHS:Tanaesha Ellison scored 33 points to lead Asheboro, Diamond McDowell added 27 points, Janiya Jackson had 8 points, Kesley Nance added 2 points.
(m) Union Pines 54, Asheboro 49  (OT)

(w) Randleman 59, Montgomery Central 21

RHS: Leading scorers for the Tigers were Gracyn Hall with 26 points, Taylor Gantt had 11 points, Elizabeth York scored 10 points.
(m) Randleman at Montgomery Central

(w) Uwharrie Charter 56, North Moore 14

UCA: All twelve players scored, led by Mia Leonard with 10 points, Natalie Beeson had 9 points, Gabi Greene scored 8 points.

(m) Uwharrie Charter 71, North Moore 49

UCA: Leading scorers were Dawson Dunn with 18 points, Ashton Troutman with 15 points, Jordan Harrison had 13 points.

(w) Faith Christian vs TBA at Tabernacle (Monroe)

(m) Faith Christian 68, Lee Park Prep 52


9:00 Trinity in BULL PIN DUALS at South Stanly

January 2, 2020 – Thursday Results


HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT at Tabernacle Christian (Monroe)

(w) Temple Christian 59, Faith Christian 27

(m) Liberty Christian 62, Faith Christian 61


QUAD MATCH at Piedmont

Piedmont def. Wheatmore 57-24

Wheatmore vs Ragsdale

QUAD MATCH at Uwharrie Charter

Uwharrie Charter def. Cedar Ridge 76-6

Uwharrie Charter def. Fuquay-Varina 54-22

January 1, 2020 HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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